Allow Me To Expound

This is what I do, literally all of the above without my permission. People called me this before I even thought it was a real, true thing. I guessed something that they never said aloud, by accident, followed up by incredulous gaping mouths and them calling me a witch. Again a term made derogatory by the patriarchy, powerful women are dangerous to the fragile male ego.

Having this gift comes with…a lot. Things others for sure don’t understand. The universe guides me in ways that I’m astonished by. Decisions I make are ones given, so I follow them to the letter. When it tells me to stop I stop, when it tells me to go I go, when it tells me to support, I support. Before I thought it was a burden, but now I know I am blessed. You have no idea how specific my instructions are, it’s creepy. For me the hardest part is when I see how something is going to pan out and am not allowed to intervene, all I can do is drop hints. Another hardship is taking your ego out of it completely to do what’s right objectively. All I know is in the end it’s all for a reason, the universe protecting me, ushering along timelines of others, balancing karmic debts.

And still I haven’t done anything as simple as go to the beach, yet I’m in the most b.s. I can’t complain though, there are bigger things at hand.Via: The Mind Body Spirit Tribe