RIP Chadwick Boseman

Processing the reality of this has been heartbreaking; I feel like a wrung out rag, filled with fluid, twisted to tatters and tears. What do you say about a man whose body ate him alive from the inside, who used what energy was left from fighting, to perform for the world as he died before our eyes quietly? He didn’t make it about himself, he made it about everyone else. Never seeking pity, his terminal illness went undisclosed, even when brightening the day of other cancer patients. Chadwick worked with the intention of pure, unfiltered love, to make us proud in the present and for the future. Pushing his diseased body to give representation true to black people beyond stereotypes and caricatures; the importance of a legacy. These bodies go, but the work from the soul is immortal if you do it right.

People always covet youth, which everyone gets unmerited, but we don’t all make it to gather years. Your youth in Da 5 Bloods is eerie and hurts. Thank you Chadwick for making us proud, for being a true hero on and off screen, for allowing us to witness your divinity. You are a king and an ancestor, you are love and loved, you are light to lift this darkness. You are free. Those who die feel serenity and it is us who live with the void left behind. We love you. Rest in peace king, Wakanda forever. How will you live your life differently by his example? I won’t take a moment for granted, for none are promised. Via: Rolling Stone & Time Magazine