For The One Dimensional

And the insecure. I don’t have surgery, I don’t wear foundation, I don’t contour. I don’t really try that hard, although I love prissy rituals, especially beauty products and self-care. There’s nothing wrong with these things, unless that’s all you are. I know I’m beautiful, the world is vain and I get treated as such. I am grateful for this asset, but it’s not all that I am, just a fraction. The display of superficiality, complicity to immoral people and stupidity on Instagram amongst women, is atrocious. I mean you’re not even trying, you’re better than this. You can’t ride for black women than be chill with the oppressor. It’s hypocritical and spineless.

I already blocked three men for irritating me and I’m not unblocking them. The entitlement and games. When you respect yourself so do others. Gabourey Sidibe got it right. Why are you afraid to roar, have integrity, address your catty self-loathing? Evolve. We get paid less, because they think we’re pretty, stupid creatures. How are you complicit in that? There are millions of pretty faces what else do you have? People who have nothing else to offer are BORING AF. YAWN. Via: Venice Republic