A Time & A Place

Divinity, fate. Truly I don’t care who didn’t believe me (this is for the secret racist, parasites and social climbers), I screamed into the abyss who I am, but all you could see was the color of my skin. Projecting your ignorance to form my character. How many times I told others to notice my intellect rather than appearance? Countless.

I am a witch, I see many things, I knew my future.

Depending on the reader, you are an idiot, who doesn’t understand divine timing amongst other things.

This is why you don’t treat people like shit, karma is real and my agenda is different. You never know where someone is headed, unless you pay attention. Instead you were arrogant, cruel, spineless and idiotic. Miserable. Pathetic. Shortsighted. A liar. So when the moon finally asked the stars to dance, you were left without light.

Do you treat people poorly, because you think you can? Do you go where it benefits you most, despite aligning with evil? What are your values?