De-Conditioning: I Am Not Your Mammy

Nor your punching bag. Many people treat black women as such, the theme of 2020 is pointing it out. It’s either entitled males who believe subconsciously, or consciously that I am property, so they can meddle in my life.

It’s been women, particularly white women, believing I am lesser; that I deserved to be bullied, or told to move on.

Then there are the women of color, who see themselves this way and think I should be equally enslaved, because they weren’t outliers of systemic racism through their environment.

Take a real good look at these photos, then a look at yourself. I am not your mammy, or the help, they didn’t deserve to be either. And yet still you take from us, trying to make us masculine when our aesthetic is the standard of beauty that’s been appropriated. Check yourself, before I check you, because I will gladly do it in honor of my ancestors. How often do you think from a black woman’s point of view? Do you disrespect black women, because you want to feel better than someone else based on social constructs? Are you a self loathing black person?Via: Girl Gone Golden

Don’t Invalidate Feelings: