Signs Of Mental Abuse

There are some toxic people in my family, one of my sisters for example has always been touched, like a live wire with water thrown onto it, flaying around dangerously looking for something to electrocute. A pathological liar even from youth, she claimed to be the one to have diagnosed my baby sister with brain cancer. Something she truly believed. Except she was in second grade and still has no medical experience to do anything of the sort. As time went on she continued to warp stories to suit her horrible behavior: she got caught skipping school so my parents hired a private eye to find out where she was going (I had nothing to do with it, but she wrote a letter to them trying to throw the attention on me, except I was an honor student at a school she wasn’t smart enough to get into), she then claimed to be flying private jets with millionaire friends to Miami, turns out she was selling weed upstate, she’d lie, cheat and steal. It became very apparent as time went on that her underlying conditions are a part of who she is, delusions of grandeur, entitlement my parents fed into by giving her shopping sprees she didn’t deserve and not rectifying her behavior. The girl has a bevy of issues and one of them is definitely being mentally abusive and a narcissist. Compounding the issue is her extreme acid abuse.

My friends thought I was exaggerating until they had an encounter where she just SNAPPED, leaving them frightened that she would harm us. She gave everyone clean glasses, but me she gave a dirty measuring cup, when I asked for a glass she got angry and kicked all of us including her friend out. Screaming as she always does, because she doesn’t know how to communicate without a level of anger that will get her or someone else killed.

If I ignore her or am nice to her is irrelevant, she has always been fixated on comparing herself to me and coming up short. As I enter a new stage in my life it has become clear this isn’t someone who can be in my life ever again (as well as some other members), like ever, I’ve given her endless chances, knowing she doesn’t love herself, but she’s a danger to herself and others. She reminds me of my ex friend Derek, also mentally abusive and a narcissist, but his story is for another time. People like them have to be shown the door and you have to love yourself enough to do it. They will try to project their issues on you, but don’t let them. Goodbye and good riddance. Is there someone who is mentally abusive you need to let go off? Are you mentally abusive?