Sanitizer Spray Over Everything

You down with OCD? Yeah you know me! Literally anyone who knows me can attest that cleanliness is next to godliness in my eyes. I don’t fuck with libraries (yuck!) unless all the books are brand spanking new, when you come into my home your shoes must be off; nothing bothers me more than just mopping and someone bringing their outside mess onto my floor. I can’t. Bleach and cleaning products are the scent of heaven and I always carry sanitizer, so when everyone started buying it for the pandemic I was furious. For you it’s a preventative measure, for me it’s a lifestyle, but discovering the spray when the liquid gel ran out was definitely a silver lining of my existence.

Sanitizer spray beats basic sanitizer gel for countless reasons. Let me put you up on game by giving you three.

Reason one: When I get my nails done I love adding translucent chrome powder, which comes off when touched by sani. The spray allows for more control in application whereas gel has to be rubbed all over. Now I can be safe and cute without the chrome peeling.

Reason two: Once in a blue moon you forget to wash your masks, which should be done daily. When in a rush spray some sani on it to kill the bacteria and dip.

Reason three: You can spray anything! The train seat, the doorknob, the train pole, your steering wheel, cell phones, Ipad cover, your purse, pens that fell on the floor, lighters you stole from other people, the part of your clothing that touched a garbage can, or a stranger. Anything your OCD heart desires to cleanse of germs.

I am forever changed. Unless forced I will not be returning to the regular gel. It just doesn’t compare to the value and versatility of the sanitizer spray, you welcome. Via: Trader Joes Obsessed