H2O Reverence Daily

Gratitude attitude is how I operate. I find joy in the simplest things I may take for granted that others wish they had. Maybe it’s the reader in me, the writer, the empath, the explorer that walks in the shoes of others often, the stoner that wonders what animals see when they perch high or dive deep. Different perspectives are vital to understanding this world. I can’t watch a documentary, or read an article about people who have to walk miles by foot to retrieve something that comes gushing out with the turn of a faucet knob for me, without being altered. Everyday I take a shower I let the water cascade over my body and say: Thank you for nourishing me and giving me life. I love you.

Dead deadass.

I started doing this religiously a year and a half ago, after watching people in the slums of a third world country (via film) walk five miles to get water and five miles to bring it back. An arduous task for something necessary for their survival. When all I had to do was walk the X amount of feet to my kitchen to get an endless supply. Can you think of something else that comes to you easy and might be taken for granted? How often do you thank the universe for providing you with your circumstance? Via: Langston Amadi & Manju Journal