Take Baby Steps Boo

Once a year I had a breakdown in the back staircase at my former job, every fall like clockwork. Why you ask? Too much work from schooling to interning to a full time job with full time responsibilities like paying bills. I never had a day off, because like most Americans I believed the busiest bee was the happiest. The reality. The busiest bee was the most burnt out, trying to pour from an empty cup. My crippling anxiety didn’t help, it only compounded my stress.
Now I know the value of balance, rest and baby steps.
There’s no need to take on everything at once, breaking it down into smaller pieces has given me peace of mind and enabled me to find joy in the things I want to achieve, rather than making it a chore. Now I’m fighting my perfectionism, a war I don’t think I’ll win, but the battles where I do are what matters.

Do you need to slow down, take it a step at a time? Whatever it is you do, learn it, study it, flesh it out on paper, do it in pieces. Don’t try to keep pace with everyone else, one step at a time is how you get where you’re going. Artist: Its Nata