Advice For The Future

Just because I’m protecting you from hell with the KarJenner klan doesn’t mean you’re protected from all things. There are plenty of people I never followed like those Tik Tok girls who mentioned Kim and Kylie at a dinner, only to lose 1.7 million followers while facing extreme backlash. Then there are people I follow like Chrissy T, defending Skims and going through a tragedy two weeks later, Andre Leon Talley aligned himself with their energy and his embarrassing eviction came to the public eye, Alexander Wang is now facing sexual assault charges. Ellen Degeneres went through it, because she had that family on her show the most. The list continues and will continue. The devil has come to collect period. You didn’t find it funny that all these people took an interest in me? That reality stars ended up giving pardons and becoming more powerful then those with actual talent? I’m sick of thinking for you, if you don’t care I certainly don’t; it’s been a year since the descent into hell began and I’m weary of protecting adult idiots. Unless I choose to save you consider yourself going with them, between a battle of good and evil that’s where you aligned. From here on out whether I gave you a chance and you blew it (knowingly or unknowingly) everything will be handled privately and you’ll know when it’s your time to go (or you’re my twin who I share everything with).

My advice to those unscathed, note that karma is real. My advice to those going, enjoy your time because you don’t know when it’s up, money can’t buy you more and now you know which holds more value. Can you name other people bad things happened to who affiliated with this family? Artist: Liana Finck