Reflecting On Genc Jakupi

Post writing that article I felt healed and want to say I forgive Genc Jakupi. I too know what it feels like to betrayed by blood. Who I am now isn’t who I was then, I’ve found my voice to speak the truth. I was so busy protecting his bond with his brother I never expressed myself. Revisiting that time period reminded me of how almost everybody was out to get me and Genc protected me, he started making changes for the betterment for me.

Another facet to Albanian culture is the eldest son is king. His brother is older, he owes him everything. He set up a life for Genc when he left a war torn country. He then turned him against someone he loved deeply enough to attempt changes. I was written up once in my life and Genc fired her. Without all the other variables he actually took care of me, which is why I stayed. We did have true love at one point. We were also telepathic. Suddenly I regret nothing. It wouldn’t be fair to color him one way, it wasn’t all he was, not to me. His brother can rot in hell. Twice in my life have I felt a chill exude from a human being and he was one of them. Only me and Ariel saw his true evil soul. When I met Genc I didn’t even believe in love anymore. At all, I credit him for that, for opening my heart chakra.

His brother was Bart Bass. Period. Genc was becoming nicer due to love, his brother didn’t like that. Thank you Genc for choosing to evolve and protecting me. May you find peace. Unless I can punch Binn in the back of his head, the top left corner, I could never even be cordial with him. He made me miserable! Have you ever been betrayed by a sibling? Via: Black Book