Melanie Hamrick Proof Of Premeditation

The last two rows of photos in the above gallery, are merely there to illustrate that Melanie Hamrick isn’t attractive. L’Wren Scott at an older age is prettier than her, profile wise and face on. Mick Jagger would never choose her over L’Wren, Mick Jagger wouldn’t choose her at all. Which is why she black magicked him. Instead of being like a normal person, realizing she’s ugly and getting plastic surgery, Melanie murders, rapes, stalks, writes and sells her own articles and tries to be L’Wren. Attempting to force the world into viewing her as beautiful. Except her non existent career reveals the truth. Beauty is power and women are expected to be the fairer sex, or be punished. Luciana Giminez has no discernible talent, she’s certainly no ballerina, and yet having a baby with Mick (like Melanie did without consent) skyrocketed her to fame. Why? Because Luciana is hot, Melanie is not.

Digging up Melanie’s lies regarding how she began her relationship with Mick, as well as articles where she copies things written about L’Wren verbatim, to add into her own pieces, I found the most perturbing evidence of all. Below you will find an article written by Extra. In this article it is revealed that days before L’Wren Scott’s mysterious death, as all of it was so out of character, her partner of 13 years was confused, not to mention friends and family, is a blind item from Crazy Days And Nights. An anonymous source referenced L’Wren dying prior to her “suicide.”

Now, Mick denies cheating, but you know who doesn’t? Melanie, in a multitude of articles she wrote, she hypes herself up saying Mick left L’Wren for her, the “stunning,” “pretty,” ballerina. Melanie wrote this blind item knowing she was going to off L’Wren with her coven. Not a single person in Lwren’s life suspected anything, which is why no one she knew wrote it. Her death shocked the world. Melanie enjoys being her own unknown source, and loves getting on fake, or anonymous accounts to talk about L’Wren as inferior. As you can see in the below photos.

These are some of the troll accounts I found connecting to her energy. I say some lightly, having uncovered at least twenty. In my article Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick), I share her incriminations. One troll account is Lisa Marie, where Melanie, as she does in her articles, states that “she is 44 years his junior”, that “the ballet dancer is the love of his life,” and tries to cover her tracks by turning fans to a GQ article. Which says L’Wren was in financial despair.

Melanie then disrespects L’Wren on another troll account Ic1103. Commenting under Mick’s birthday post for L’Wren last year (which he never does for her), that the extremely successful designer (who has worked with everyone from Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Michelle Obama, the entirety of The Oscar’s…but I’m going to save her accomplishments for another article) was old and untalented. Melanie is the only one delusional enough to call her a C-list celebrity, that she wasn’t known beyond Mick. She says it in her blind item, she reiterates the sentiment on her Ic1103 account.

Here’s a reality check. L’Wren worked with legends from Keith Haring to Karl Lagerfeld. Who the fuck actually are you to disrespect her? You’re a NOBODY, even with an icon. You’re so ugly you had to rape an old man. You’re so ugly you have no endorsements, career, or potential suitors. Your biggest accomplishment is raping a baby out of Mick, after murdering his gorgeous talented girlfriend. You’re the epitome of a loser. You can’t even come up on a come up, with your deformed face and gaunt eyes. You look like a malnourished orphan got into an accident. C-list? Look at your friends and look at hers. Who are you, or your lame affiliates again? Oh a bunch of people who weren’t relevant until you black magicked?

Know your entire place. You’re a delusional psychopath and a failure. You’re creepy and did all of this to still be a nobody and get exposed. You wrote that blind item, premeditated murder. L’Wren came to me to stop Melanie from doing what she did to her, to Mick’s entire family.

You’re a joke. And I’m still not finished. There’s so much more to come. Be Misty & Prince aha! You don’t got nothing, not even a fraction of what Misty Copeland has, and she didn’t even have a baby. Via: Extra & Daily Mail

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