Spice Up The Circle With Girl Power!

Ummmmmm, Scary and Baby Spice are on this season of The Circle. Did I scream like I had zero sense, as if I were a participant of the show? Guilty. Lost my mind. Gone. Freaking out still. I was eight years old again, realizing if I ever saw a Spice Girl irl…I would go into fanatic mode. I’m literally crying at the thought of it. Somebody tase me. Actually though, because I’m one hundred percent sure I’m going to try to get hair, a shred of clothing, sweat to bottle up…I still have my pencil case, don’t play with me.

They’re interactions are so funny, such a family. Some people just have the most fantastic chemistry together. Not to say everyone isn’t amazing individually, but a good band, or cast, is like a well balanced meal. Like how on Top Chef, the salt, the acid, the mouth feel…all the components of the dish need to come through. It can’t be over or underwhelming, it has to be whelmed (10 points to you if you can name this movie reference), to be a spectacular meal. That’s what they have, even just a fraction of the group. Urgh I don’t want them to leave. Could literally watch them forever. I reminder the premiere of Wannabe, it was late night, I was at my grandmothers house. Entranced. Favorite member and song please? Do you think you’d catch The Circle catfish? Via: Spice Girls Turkey