My Wrath Is Like Barbecue

“His grandpa Alfred had kept a steel-drum smoker out back in Newark, on Clinton Ave. He’d do ribs, brisket, make his own sausage. Grandpa Alfred’s father had been a butcher and cook on an indigo plantation in South Carolina and passed down the mysteries.
‘You throw chops on some coals,” Pepper’s grandfather said, “that’s one way to cook a piece of meat. Few minutes later, you got that black on it, you’re done. But barbecue is slow. Put it in that smoke, you got to be ready to wait. That heat and smoke is going to do its work, boy, but you got to wait.’ One was fast and one was slow, and it was the same for stickups and stakeouts. Stickups were chops–they cook fast and hot, you’re in and out. A stakeout was ribs–fire down low, slow, taking your time.”

Via: DiaryDuneAfricaine