Childhood Trauma For Adults

Childhood is a precious time, one that can cause a lot of damage if your parents aren’t careful, compassionate, or healthy people. Growing up was made easier for me, because all my schoolmates and friends for the most part were fucked up. Clinging to one another. Feeling that void inside together isn’t enough though, that’s what I learned. We weren’t healing, we were numbing, salving ourselves with drug and alcohol abuse. Outbursts of tears and rage. Running from repressed and suppressed emotions, memories.

Once upon a time I was all the things stated in this picture. I decided to heal, commit to spirituality. Change my lifestyle, even if it meant losing people. As I was losing them I found myself. We weren’t on the same wavelength anymore. They were still in their pain, I was rising above it. All of it was worth it.

If I can do it, drag myself up from the dregs of drugs, depression, despair, etc…you can too. It won’t be easy, but you’ll feel better, be better, do better. Try it. You deserved happiness. Is childhood trauma showing up in your adult life? Via: Janeel Monae