Elevation Requires Isolation Bye Boo

What you guys don’t get is being alone is better than hanging out with the wrong people. Once I’m done with someone I’m done, there is no maybe in the future, or one day we’ll be friends again…bitch. I allotted more than enough time for you to show me you can be in my life. Ain’t nobody who lied about me, abused me, disrespected me, was a hater etc…allowed in my life. If you want to tolerate people who don’t give af about you cool. Like one if my friends keeps saying ohhh I think you and this abhorrent model agent, who is a full blown narcissist, going to be friends again. Haven’t been friends with this nigga for years and I don’t miss him. Can’t wait to rub everything I have, that he’ll NEVER have in his face. He also hasn’t changed, and guess what? Those people are blocking your blessings. Energy is everything. Let people go so you can receive what you deserve. Elevation requires isolation. You’re worth it. Who’s blocking your blessings? It’s time to say buh bye boo. Via: Zoe Cain Art