RHOP Season 7 Episode 9 Is Epic

The last 23 minutes of season 7 episode 9 is pure, unfiltered art. Hands down one of the best episodes to ever air, possibly the best. It was just hit, after hit, after hit. I don’t even know where to begin: Robyn playing Candiace recording dissing everyone, Candiace lying that she never said Karen had an affair, Karen’s speech before storming off, Gizelle collecting rain water, Ashley coming through as Michael Darby’s wife (telling Karen Candiace said she’s cheating, recording the Uber drive from the bar), Candiace coming for Mia’s friend, Mia, Wendy showing up knowing damn well Mia don’t want her there, the editors montage after Karen announced she was leaving after one drink…4 hours later. This is hands down the best season ever, EVER! Thank you Potomac for always understanding the assignment. C’est magnifique. I literally watched the last 23 minutes twice, stunned. Top tier television. Lies, shade, secrets. Via: Housewives Tingz