Reaching Financial Abundance 2023

As recession looms and inflation rises, financial stability is more important than ever. Here are some ways to not only make ends meet, but find comfort. Personally I like to remain positive, miracles happen everyday. I know not everyone is going to have a rockstar ex boyfriend pay their student loan, so it seems easy for me to say. That’s fair, however I also had my former employers (Genc & Binn Jakupi) stalk me for half a decade. Five years of two psychos I never dated trying to leave me in financial despair. Also my stepdad was paying practitioners to prevent me from succeeding. So yeah, if I can enter 2023 debt free, money in the bank and generational wealth on the way, you can find peace too. I never gave up, never stopped believing, only built a stronger bond with the almighty GOD and did the spiritual work.

Energy is everything. Money is energy. I not only cleared my energy by removing negative nouns (people, places and things) from my life, I prayed, cast spells for abundance, healed the trauma of generations/epigenetic thinking surrounding money, healed/aligned my chakras and stayed a kind human being, because you always reap what you sow.

One of the hardest things to do was break out of a scarcity mindset. Thanks to my aforementioned DNA and abusive experiences, this was no small fucking feat. Which made one of the most important rules of money difficult: you have to spend it to make it. You need to believe it will all come back to you. Whereas holding onto every penny leaves you in a scarcity mindset. Our thoughts are powerful, that type of thinking will leave you manifesting lack. While remaining disciplined make sure you do something once a week to treat yourself. It doesn’t have to be big, maybe a Groupon massage, maybe something luxurious you use Afterpay or Klarna for, maybe a cute dinner, a pair of shoes a bag, something! Also save at least 10% of your checks. Balance is key.

If you are going to cast a spell, make sure you align with that vibration and co-create. Meaning the actions have to match. You can’t do a spell to increase finances, then spend a shit ton of money. The energy and actions don’t align, the spell will fail. I hope this finds you will. Happy New Year! Remember there’s enough to go around. Via: Amy’s Budgeting