Self-Worth PSA: Don’t Look For

A reminder to value yourself. People are either blocks (to abundance), or blessings (for abundance). You only live once, know your worth.
Don’t get stuck with a dud forever.
Don’t waste your time on toxic people.
Leaving my abusive ex, my life did a complete 180, exactly like those psychics said.
I kept getting all the signs and ignored them, because I didn’t want to believe. Also I was in a trance. Which is crazy in retrospect; throughout the entirety of that relationship I kept getting the same message: All that glitters isn’t gold. Now I understand. Now I don’t get that message via tarot, horoscopes, or fortune cookies anymore, and trust it was constantly being communicated to me.
Taking risk is the only way to live an extraordinary life. I know being alone is scary without the assurance of a partner that fits you coming in, but you need to have faith. Settling is not the answer. Taking a leap of faith is the key ingredient in every success story.
Look at me, a rockstar with guaranteed money, who paid my student loan and I still left. Now I’m taking his money, his property, after he left me with nothing. I worked my ass off and now have financial freedom while my wealth comes in. Mind you this time last year I had nothing, nothing. I refused to ask anyone for help, depending totally on the Almighty God. Doing the spiritual work, including prayer to align my actions with my faith. Including cutting off all communication with him, as that’s a form of energy. Simply not talking to him at all ever, severed his ability to drain me, or access me.
Leave what no longer serves you, follow through with actions that match your intention and watch the universe match your vibration. Via: Case.Kenny