And Everybody Hurts Sometimes

Shifting perspectives seems minute, when it’s actually seismic. In fact nothing else compares. How you see things shapes and creates your life. The ability to change that is a blessing we take for granted. I mean, it’s really seeing the cup half full, or half empty, an epic alteration of your being. Which is why focusing on the lesson rather than the hurt is a game changer.
Everybody get’s hurt, it’s part of being human. Some get a great deal more than others, myself included. Surviving was a matter of faith aligned with action, after shifting my focus. I looked at the lesson, because the pain was distorting my reality, making me feel it’s the only one that exist. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s fucking worth it.

An exercise: make two columns one titled hurt, the other lesson. Write down five times you’ve gotten hurt, then the lesson learned in the appropriate column. Look at all you’ve overcome. Via: The Oracle Reads U