Do You Seek Problems Or Gratitude?

Complaining is easy, training yourself to seek gratitude is difficult. Where you place your energy is what will grow. Why would the universe give you more, if you don’t appreciate and take care of what you have? People think it’s so silly, but every little action, thought is an energetic exchange directing the universe on what to give you and what to take away.

There are plenty of times I could have sunk into an egoic mind, especially when being in a domestic violence situation. If that’s all I did though, I wouldn’t be receiving the multitude of blessings coming in. You’d be surprised at how many people with the ability to make the most of a home, or preserve their health by taking care of their homes don’t. They don’t see it, but these inactions are a way of turning away the gifts bestowed upon them from the almighty GOD. Why give to the ungrateful? Change your attitude from ego to gratitude. It works. Name five things you’re fortunate to have?Via: The Scattered Feelings