PSA Don’t Play With Me

If someone thought this was funny, I’m not laughing. Screenshot October 16th 2023. Let me make some things crystal fucking clear, I’m not your mammy, but I am more powerful than you. I’m supernatural. I will fuck your shit up. If anyone thinks I won’t turn on them after they’ve disrespected me, or align with people who have, you aren’t thinking. I was bred on the Upper East Side, a mean girl, a bitch. People finding inspiration from my post is cool as I said in my Donyale Luna Gets Her Due piece. However the courtesy isn’t extended to racist trolls. You can fire the person who thought it was funny, or I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget, one you’ll wish you never learned. Trolling me is NEVER a good idea, especially using satanist. You get what you give and I don’t give a fuck. Part of why fame isn’t for me, if I don’t like you I don’t like you, I’ll ruin your life publicly, no apologies. As you’re seeing and continuing to see. Try me. You used talentless, entitled racists Hailey Bieber (read Hailey Bieber Copied My Post) and Kendall Jenner (read Negligence Is The New Black) to be funny. Had you used others with the stolen concept from this blog, I would’ve let it go. Other publications copied me sans disrespect, which is why they aren’t getting cursed out. Don’t mistake me, ever. And I won’t miss any of you, I’m far more fun. You not getting invited to what I’m doing, is your loss. I’m a fucking movie, duh, I’m divine. People who spend their free time bullying and trolling others are bored losers. Remember, I give you the same energy you give me multiplied. Athena. Via: Elle Aus