Rebecca Loos With The Back Up

Now I can’t remove my previous post, for documentation sake. When I saw him it was 2014, Last Magazine Party at Acme, late af. He checked me out the entirety of the night. I’ll explain why I was too much of a liability to take home in front of his girlfriend. Saving that for my story. It’s a good one.

This man is a serial cheater. Trust he’s going up to women, he’s so fucking sexy, tatted up, clearly has black friends cause his hair is always on point. Like I can’t explain the sexual magnetism he exudes, you have to feel it by being in his presence. I don’t even play like that morally, married is off limits, but David Beckham had me calling on the lord for support. Questioning my integrity and entire person til this day bro. Mind you I grew up on The Spice Girls, I’m talking fanatic, for him to have me betray one says a lot. That man is too gorgeous for his own good. He’s dangerous…I have the vapors still. Via: Ok Magazine