In The Mood For Love Ending

Spoiler alert, spoiler alert, spoiler alert!

Do not read on unless you want to watch and confirm my hypothesis. Finally watched In The Mood For Love! Some of the greatest cinematography that will ever be. Visually stunning. Now let’s get to business. The ending. I believe Mr. Chow and Mrs. Chang consummate the relationship, in the scene where she lays her head on his shoulder on the drive home. Throughout the film she never touches him in the cab, until she doesn’t want to go home. This is the directors way of showing their sexual progression tastefully (the first photo is a deleted scene).
I think she called him to tell him she’s pregnant, but didn’t have the courage to say it. 100 percent that’s their lovechild. If it weren’t, her husband would have lived with them. It wouldn’t have just been a young woman and her son. Further confirmed by Mr. Chow whispering into that hole, about their love and a plant flourishing from said hole. Hello it’s baby symbolism, family tree. Nothing else would make sense. Watch for yourself, I had to get that off my chest. Via: 60s.Cinephilie & BelitaFr