Why It’s Taking You Longer

Human civilization is on the brink of destruction, because of people in power being evil and forcing others to align with it. Be down, or you can’t make it (many people are aligned by their own wickedness, spineless sheep). That’s what they tried to do to me. Just like the parables of myths, bible stories, fairytales etc…passed through down for centuries, I’m a Goddess incarnate, disguised to test you. You showed me your true colors, now you face the consequences. Here’s a hint, they’re dire. We are gonna have so much fun, at your expense, you reap what you sow and I’m your karma. Hubris won’t be tolerated, nor blasphemy. I’m giving you the same energy you’ve given me, times three.
Enjoy your time, whatever Mick Jagger saw in his dreams of hell left him petrified. Enough to give the souls of his children, or anyone else to secure himself and plaster me everywhere. His offering. Mick isn’t going, so many of you are, and whatever he saw- mind you it was just a fraction, you won’t escape. You earned it for being disgusting, terrible, evil, hateful, demonic people, Xoxo Athena. Via: F1aro