Charlotte McSell-Pickles

What you absorb matters. Sometimes I’m dumbfounded by how woke and moral my childhood watches were. Charlotte Pickles was about that life. Even though Angelica was a demonic only child, she never lacked confidence. I see so many girls post doormat type ideals: be nice anyways, don’t respond to negativity, stick around no matter what…sis that ain’t it. Do no harm, but take no shit. When you allow others to disrespect you constantly without boundaries, you send a message to the universe that that’s your worth. In return the universe sends you people, places and things on that wave. This is how you create your reality. What energy are you emitting? Via: 2000s Fashionista

Stoner Sunday

When you’ve got the munchies, but no snacks. That is all. What’s your favorite doughnut spot? It’s gotta be Krispy Kreme. There was one on 86th and third once upon a time. The workers were always so kind to us and gave us stoner kids the messed up, warm ones for free at closing time. We were grateful and our tastebuds delighted. Via: 2000s Fashionista