Yin And Yang Politics Of America

“We threatened the sanctity and symmetry of white and black America whose yin and yang racial politics left no room for any other color, particularly that of pathetic little yellow-skinned people pickpocketing the American purse. We were strange aliens rumored to have a predilection for Fido Americanus, the domestic canine on whom as lavished more per capita than the annual income of a starving Bangladeshi family.”– The Sympathizer

Ask yourself, do you have any Asian loved ones or just cruel caricatures created by cruel white people?

Have you been inside an Asian household?

Photographer: Chet Lo

Black And White Binary

“…that race was a tangible, torturous, black-or-white thing in a country where conversations about how you identify and whom you represent largely fall into two extremes. Nonblack, nonwhite people had to figure out which side they fell on and to which degree.