An Intro To Perspective

How can Martin Scorsese’s New York City be the same as Woody Allen’s New York City, which is not the same thing as Spike Lee’s New York City and Mike Nichol’s New York City? That was my introduction to perspective.

Photo: Raymond Mair

Dear America

Checked myself real quick when I made the disgusting assumption, based on the title and author’s name, that this would be the tale of someone Hispanic. We are all conditioned until we’re not. The media has programmed us to believe the face of immigration is solely that of Latino’s/Latina’s. Finding out this was the story of a Filipino man I felt stupefied and sheepish. A mistake I will never make again, especially as someone who lives on the other side of prejudice.

What would you do if you were rushed to the airport in the middle of the night by your mother, boarding a plane with a man you’d just met, under the guise that he’s your uncle? Sent to The United States as a pre-teen to live with your grandparents, only finding out you were illegal (mind you everyone else in your family wasn’t) in an attempt to get your driver’s license?

Jose Antonia Vargas paints a poignant, profound and true to life portrayal of the strife and contributions ($12 billion in taxes annually…) of undocumented denizens. Up against a legislature that benefits from blanketing the narrative, profits from a broken system and leaves those with their backs against the wall, to commit felonious acts for survival.

This should be required educational material, to counteract the sensationalized political propaganda we’re spoon fed by the media. As it breaks down the landmark laws that perpetuate the system, many are ignorant to. This is a person who was nurtured and nourished on the culture, who doesn’t know a different way of life. They were educated here, all their friends are here, the family who raised him, here, their career as a journalist here. Begging the question what does being American mean? Have you read any books regarding immigration? Photo: PowerHouseArena

Black And White Binary

“…that race was a tangible, torturous, black-or-white thing in a country where conversations about how you identify and whom you represent largely fall into two extremes. Nonblack, nonwhite people had to figure out which side they fell on and to which degree.