Kandy Muse BoBo’s Baby

The category is childhood hair aesthetic for black girls. Bring out the beads, bobo’s and barrettes. I had em all and love them all. Drag star Kandy Muse brought back memories of sifting through packages of bobo’s with my mother at the beauty supply store, figuring out which colors would hang from my twist. Did I miss any accessories? Via: Kandy Muse Instagram

Ciara For Fault Magazine

Bobo’s and diamond entwined cornrows. Ciara’s ode to black hair is the vibe. For centuries people have demeaned black women’s hair as nappy, or tough. In reality we have the most versatile hair, we can do any style, our braids stay twisted, it can be knotted, silky, whatever we want it to be. Society is full of it and it’s refreshing to see something so magnificent being praised, instead of condemned with perms (which continue to do if it’s your thing) to fit the white aesthetic. Which one is your fave? I’m so here for the first photo, legit this was my look for picture day in third grade. Photos: Ciara