Kandy Muse BoBo’s Baby

The category is childhood hair aesthetic for black girls. Bring out the beads, bobo’s and barrettes. I had em all and love them all. Drag star Kandy Muse brought back memories of sifting through packages of bobo’s with my mother at the beauty supply store, figuring out which colors would hang from my twist. Did I miss any accessories? Via: Kandy Muse Instagram

Twenty Twenty One Thus Far

Well… week one was… something. I feel like 2021 is 2020’s messy younger sister. I have no idea where this is going between the riots, the false death of a Bond girl who then died the next day and so much more. I hope it isn’t as traumatic as 2020, but the universe will do what it needs to do. Which Ru sums up your feeling of the new year thus far? I’m caught between Afro Ru on my America is racist af and the last Ru, confused and apprehensive, but still showing up to show out. Via: Supermodels Of The World

Mood: Pandemic Limbo

When the world continues to reopen, but you’re hearing whispers of a second wave. Florida literally got 4,000 new cases in one day, with reports of surges everywhere. Which one best describes your mood regarding pandemic limbo? Number 11 is me. Via: Rupaul Daily

Harimao Lee: World Libraries

The library is open because reading is what? Essential. My relationship with libraries is complex, I live for them ONLY if all the books are brand spanking new. Just the thought of touching a dirty book is enough to make me wash my hands with scalding hot water. All those people, with their dirty hands smudging and sullying up books, that I in turn am suppose to borrow. Yuck. Still these libraries are divine and I think everyone should have books in their homes. Knowledge is power. Which one would you spend the afternoon in? I’m a sucker for that staircase in photo one.

Drag Race Look Queen: Gigi Goode

Here for some RuPaul’s Drag Race. We’re only two episodes in this season and Gigi Goode is my favorite, for no other reason than bitch can put a lewk together. I mean day one with that pirate ensemble I was sold. Work bitch. Which is your favorite fashion moment? Look two is something I’d wear on New Years Eve lol, very Fifth Element vibes. Via: The Gigi Goode