Skin Care From The Inside

Beauty products, books, bourbon, bitch…some of my favorite B-words. If it weren’t for quarantine, I would never have discovered this life altering tea. Results were instant, like my skin was radiating day two. Now apart of my daily routine, working with my other beauty products to fade even the toughest of discoloration marks.

Steep for five minutes before drinking. 3-4 cups is the daily recommendation, personally I max out at 2 and it’s still effective. Plus they have really cute quotes per bag (cough not one repeated on all, Buddha Tea’s cough). Today my message was: kindness is the light of life.

You really are what you consume, so make sure you’re taking care of your skin beyond just slathering on products. You’re welcome in advance. Photo: Yogi Teas

Wormwood Tea For Immunity

A tea that boost your immune system, which is totally apt during this pandemic. The thing about wormwood tea is it taste like pure ass. Like this drink is bitter and took me three hours to drink last night. I’ve had it before to cleanse, under the impression that I had parasites in my colon. Really I got stuck in one of those ads that make everyone feel this way. Yes, I a non medical professional diagnosed myself. Feeling a bit dry in the throat I decided to get on anything, before it got me.

Wormwood tea is also good for reducing fevers, killing cancer cells by destroying the iron that enriches them and a litany of other benefits. In some places this herb is illegal (in high doses it can have adverse effects, including hallucinations), as it’s a main ingredient in absinthe.

Your best bet is to buy prepackaged and properly measured. I ordered mine from Buddha Teas, the same place I got this picture. Remember you are what you eat! Stay healthy by feeding your body the things it needs to thrive. Could you use a healthier diet? When’s the last time you drank a herbaceous tea?