Come On Get Happy Or Not

Until it [the last seven days] ended I was unaware of the despair and anger I was feeling. Photo’s from youth of my missing friend found deceased put a damper on my entire week. Sadness filled me for obvious reasons, rage was due to his story ending so tragically, while malicious people out in these streets spreading their shit. I know life isn’t fair, but seeing that picture hurt. Frozen in time his future held so much potential, what could be, now I know what is. I wanted to update more, but I just couldn’t and that’s perfectly fine. Going with the flow is better than forcing positivity. This week I went half speed. I needed that for my mental health. Remember not feeling your best is totally fine, you don’t always have to get happy, do what you need to do. Rejuvenation is essential. When’s the last time you honored your mental and emotional health? Via: The 70z