The 4/11 On The 11/11 Portal

Some things to do tomorrow for that very important portal. If you’ve been naughty, don’t bother. For everyone else, may your manifestations come true. If you can, try meditating at 11:11 am or pm. 11/11 represents divine guidance when manifesting, intuition, insight, enlightenment, spirit. In love it stands for twin flames. In angel numbers it signifies new beginnings. If you’re seeing it repeatedly it means you’re on the right track. I saw this number all the time at the beginning of my spiritual journey, now that I’ve risen into my purpose, my power, not so much, I don’t need as much guidance. Truly stunned at how far I’ve come. Extremely proud of myself. Helping others vibrate higher is why I’m here. What do you want to manifest? Via: DivineStar_Tarot