Radio Raheem: Potential For Our Love

The potential for our love to create a macro impact on the world is based on the amount of love we are able to put into our micro connections.
Because all of our actions hold energy, everything we do has the power to affect another person.

How do you treat others?
How do you talk to people?
Whether it is your best friend or a stranger, be someone who sees them, who affirms their dignity, and who honors their humanity.
Be the person who gives someone the relief of knowing that the world ain’t so bad after all.

Via: Caffeine And Hip Hop

Happy Birthday Spike Lee

Bedstuy is painted in your greatness. A lot of people need to watch Do The Right Thing right now, a cinematic masterpiece, from an Academy Award winning genius. I will not be one of those people, two words Radio Raheem. If you know you know. Yes I know his birthday was days ago, but screw Aries season…now pisces season is over with this post. What’s your favorite Spike Lee Joint? Via: I forgot