When She Loved, She Loved Big

My honesty for those use to parasites, or just fake people may be off putting, but you always know where you stand. When someone is transparent like me, there’s no chance for betrayal, distrust, or games. I say how I feel, I’ve always been that way, it was my superlative in high school: most likely to tell it how it is. I don’t have the energy, time, patience, or fear to be fake. It’s not my style. For instance the same friend I had to ditch, in high school we had a best dressed category. Mind you this is Manhattan, so Eva with her put together, boho chic looks won by a landslide. No one voted for the ditched friend, because matching sneakers to your fit wasn’t the vibe in said borough. I was the only one who told the truth, standing in a circle at a party as they attempt to bully answers out of us. No one voted for her, but all of em said they did. What does she do? Add an urban category since she was on yearbook, so she could give herself a fake win. A mess. I’m no longer friends with the people standing in that circle who lied, they proved to be backstabbers, fake, disloyal, shit talkers. That’s the risk you run with opaque people. You may not like what I have to say, but it’s the truth and says everything about my character. You can trust me. When I love, I love big and everybody knows. And if I screw you over, or have plans to ruin your life I make that clear too, have I not? Again you can trust me, if I don’t like you, I don’t like you PERIOD. Are you transparent or opaque? Artist: Cleo Wade

What Are You Holding Onto?

Daily yoga practice has me taking everyday inventory of the things I need to let go; a pillar of the practice is rooted in releasing negativity from the energetic body. Releasing is one of the healthiest, healing habits a person can have. You have no idea how much is pent up until you approach it with intention. Yin yoga really made me aware, as you have to maintain positions for lengthy periods of time to remove what is stored. Do this exercise, you’ll be surprised at what you find and how much of other people’s energy you carry. What are you holding onto: relationships, an experience, the past, failure…? Via: Cleo Wade

Radio Raheem: Potential For Our Love

The potential for our love to create a macro impact on the world is based on the amount of love we are able to put into our micro connections.
Because all of our actions hold energy, everything we do has the power to affect another person.

How do you treat others?
How do you talk to people?
Whether it is your best friend or a stranger, be someone who sees them, who affirms their dignity, and who honors their humanity.
Be the person who gives someone the relief of knowing that the world ain’t so bad after all.

Via: Caffeine And Hip Hop

Embrace Our Flaws

I can’t stress enough that to be human is to be flawed and imperfect. If we were perfect we would be robots. Stop trying to be everybody else, be you, the sperm and egg that made it. You can always be a better version of yourself and evolve. I will tell you the older you get the less your care about what others think. What do you hate about yourself physically? Why?

Only The Worthy

Not everyone deserves your time. Cut out the naysayers, the jealous, the haters, the shit talkers and the overall miserable. I constantly have people who I’ve watched be shitty humans trying to hang out with me, no thanks. You aren’t worthy of these high vibes.