Living With Love Lost

Let things end for better to come in. Don’t hold onto something to avoid feeling like a failure. Sometimes walking away can be hard, you invested so much time into someone and it feels like a waste. For women there’s the added stress of our biological clock ticking, don’t settle. Having kids with someone is forever. Everyday I thank god someone saved me when I couldn’t save myself, that I didn’t have children with Mick Jagger. Then I could never get rid of him. Now all the women who did are about to suffer more than just the abuses he inflicts. His family goes down in flames, then spend eternity there. Imagine the father of your child be a psychopath, soon to be sex offender about to go to jail, who held someone hostage, abusing them to the point of asking someone to kill them just to escape. Imagine co-signing that, as Luciana Giminez and Jerry Hall did most of all. I’m going to make sure you all lose you jobs and everything you love and jail you too, you’re gross people. He has never loved anyone, he’s incapable. That being said, can you live with love lost? Via: Audrey_Emmett

The Learning Curve Of Love

Reflecting on past relationships with a friend and how savage we were, how selfish and immoral. Reflecting on past relationships with a friend and how savage our partners were, how selfish and cruel. It’s just the learning curve of love, to explore every nook and cranny, tumultuous, toxic, gnarling each other’s hearts. I wouldn’t want to relive it, but I’m happy to have experienced it. How do you love now? What type of lovers are you attracting? Shout out to the alpha women I grew up with, who weren’t afraid to play the game and fulfill their desires instead of being secondary to someone else’s. Author: Yrsa Daley Ward