Normalize Thinking Highly Of Yourself

Take note of your mental chatter, your internal dialogue. We’re mostly composed of water, our words shape H20 as Dr. Emoto’s water consciousness experiments prove. How do you react when making a mistake, or starting something new? How do you deal with people who overstep boundaries, or project unto you? Via: Ancient Alignment

Inner Dialogue Filled With Gratitude

Catch yourself, you might be putting a negative spin on things. For instance in my battle of me versus sleep, I started getting really angry at myself for failing to get any. Then one day I said I’m going to concentrate on gratitude, hey, at least I’m active despite being deprived. I’m going to focus on my tenacity and strength instead.
Change your inner dialogue, change your life. How you talk to yourself is important. Think Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiment. Peep the things you say to yourself for a day, are you kind, critical, cynical…? Via: Light Witch Tarot Shop