What Would You Text God?

Let me just start by saying I don’t even feel right posting at this time. Growing up amongst predominantly Jewish people gave me conditioned anxieties that took DECADES to break. One being Sabbath, I for sure abide by taking a day of rest, usually it’s Saturday, except when it’s not.

What else you ask?

Writing God’s name without a capital or omitting the O with a dash. In fact writing God’s name at all and if you do, you aren’t ever to throw out the paper. Y’all don’t even know how hard it is for me to chill out about it. All I hear is Daniel Filstein and Josh Vandekcar condemning me for blasphemy. I was out there picking balled up papers out the garbage (this is also the place where we picked cotton…even sick we begged to attend school, there was never a normal day). After finally finding my groove here comes Christina with her Filipino-Italian Jewish self putting it back in my head. I said don’t even, don’t do that sis. I’m not even Jewish bro, leave me be.

It also means my asking if your mother is Jewish, cause that changes everything. And did you go to Hebrew school? I walked heaps of people every week after school to Temple. Also question everything.
The point of this post however is to ask you, if you could text message God, what would you say? You only get one message ever, what comes to the top of your head? *Please remember religion and god are not mutually exclusive, you’re just conditioned to think that way.* Via: Grunges Feelings