The Art Of Failure

Honestly embrace failure, it’s the only way to learn. Failing is literally how you’ve crafted every skill you have from reading, to writing, to cooking…we need to rewire how we perceive the art of failure. Love it, own it, grow from it, you can’t have success without it. I’ve fallen so many times and gotten back the fuck up, those are some of my best stories. Like when I joined that cult by accident and they wouldn’t let me leave, it took three whole weeks for me to find freedom. I mean, just such a bizarre time. I’m never getting out of the portal (it’s on my facebook if you comb through it, I’ll explain it here another time), my apologies to those it spreads to. Let’s make failure funny. I’m a notoriously bad singer everyday of my life, doesn’t stop me from doing it. What’s something you didn’t succeed at, but looking back now is hilarious? Via: Imagination Kid