Types Of Childhood Trauma

A ton of childhood inner wounds are coming up specifically regarding the father figure in my life, my stepdad and how it’s played a bigger underlying role than I once believed. When I moved out I rarely spoke to my parents, forcing them to create a bond. Reflecting back I see how he’s taken his mother issues out on my mom to this day. It’s all been so clear, but sometimes you can’t see things until it’s time. A lot of the stress my mom took out in our relationship is due to how he treats her. He purposely puts her in bad situations to feed off her negativity, never considers her when making decisions, makes more than enough and barely gives her anything, especially when she wanted to take a class. He leaves her to do it on her own, so she tried to get help through aid and was denied because he makes too much. She deserves better than spending thirty years of marriage this way. I think how she had me at 16 and has barely experienced life without kids weighing her down like albatrosses. I use to think what does she have to complain about? She spent most of her time as a housewife on the Upper East Side, she could have done something, but she couldn’t because someone took away that foundation and dragging my baby sister back and forth to chemo from birth was no walk in the park. I’m grateful recent experiences gave me a truer understanding of her life. Otherwise I never would have seen her reality.

Childhood is important it shapes us all, kids are little people who didn’t ask to be here and I’m sure if you look at yourself or your parents, you’ll see the way it’s affected your beings. Break the cycle if it’s toxic. Are there negative things from childhood hindering you today? Via: The Holistic Psychologist