Choose A Black Female Lead

Thank you MeFeater for shining a light on black actresses who have been woven into the cultural tapestry. Low key I’m a mix of all of them, but I think I would have to pick two characters here. The first would be Olivia Pope, I’m an intelligent, wine guzzling, strategist. However my life isn’t as mirthless as Pope’s, my second leading lady for accurate representation of my being is….damn this is actually hard…Whitley, or Issa…maybe Elektra. I just can’t decide. Which one are you? Via: MeFeater

Lakeith Stanfield

My favorite actor, I’ve watched almost everything he’s been in. I fell hard in love watching Short Term 12, a cinematic masterpiece now in my top five. His performance was heart wrenching, so a bitch cried. From Atlanta to Get Out, this man is mark my words, one of the greatest actors of all time. I’m just waiting for the role that snags him that Academy Award. I will NOT however be watching The Photograph, it’s practically smut on the screen. I never get jealous, but I feel a way about Issa Rae right now. I said what I said. Transcending his profession Lakeith is living art, a genius. Have you seen any of his films? Which one is your favorite? Photos: Melanin Queens Only

Black Actors Rise In Hollywood

Three part mini-series documenting the rise of black actors in Hollywood. I remember predicting this moment we have now, four years ago in the back of a restaurant. I was talking to my friend Simi amidst all the black lives being taken, hunted by the police, bullied by America, a country built on our backs. She was filled to the brim with despair. A witch, I often see the ways of the world through different lenses, the bigger picture. A history buff I find the overarching theme in the fabric of humanity. I said specifically to her, not to worry, the Black Renaissance is coming, things will turn around.

Shortly after we got to create brilliant movies and shows, that weren’t UPN relegated, in terms of these kitchy, safe black portrayals. Things that make people comfortable, things that make people laugh, but no real refinement. We weren’t allowed to be expansive in our artistry. BOOM! Atlanta with Donald Glover hit, BOOM Insecure with Issa Rae, BOOM Get Out by Jordan Peele held a mirror to white America…It just snowballed. To understand why this is important you have to go back to the Hattie McDaniel’s, Harry Belafonte, Sydney Portier…This is a must watch on Netflix, no matter what ethnic background you identify as. We are all human, it’s imperative that we understand each other’s point of views and show compassion. Race is a social illusion we created to provide barriers, that we must deconstruct.