Elektra’s Outfits Deserve More

Why isn’t there an instagram account solely for Elektra’s outfits? This is the glamour, the artistry of fashion. Dominique Jackson is absolutely stunning every episode, every season. I always want to do a style gallery, but finding pictures of her fits has been difficult. Are you into it? Via: Shades On The Screen & Pose

Choose A Black Female Lead

Thank you MeFeater for shining a light on black actresses who have been woven into the cultural tapestry. Low key I’m a mix of all of them, but I think I would have to pick two characters here. The first would be Olivia Pope, I’m an intelligent, wine guzzling, strategist. However my life isn’t as mirthless as Pope’s, my second leading lady for accurate representation of my being is….damn this is actually hard…Whitley, or Issa…maybe Elektra. I just can’t decide. Which one are you? Via: MeFeater