Elektra’s Outfits Deserve More

Why isn’t there an instagram account solely for Elektra’s outfits? This is the glamour, the artistry of fashion. Dominique Jackson is absolutely stunning every episode, every season. I always want to do a style gallery, but finding pictures of her fits has been difficult. Are you into it? Via: Shades On The Screen & Pose

MJ Rodriguez For Glass Magazine

The nose accessory is giving me everything, I want it! MJ Rodriguez looks gorgeous and cool as a cucumber. Which look is your favorite? Via: The Glass Magazine

Thank You Pose!

Just finished binge watching season two of Pose. PERFECTION! The show is a spinoff of the documentary Paris Is Burning, chronicling the lives of participants in ball culture. Thank you to the exquisite women above for adding merriment, love and color to this world. Trans lives matter. Their voices are necessary and if you don’t agree, it cost zero dollars to mind your business. Taking someone’s life, because you don’t condone their choices is abhorrent. Have you judged or tried to understand? Why or why not? What book, documentary or source has enlightened you to their perspective? Via: Innractions