Supermodel 101: Paulina Porizkova

Ocean blue eyes, a perfectly square jaw, topped with chiseled cheeks and a bawdy that made her the first Central European model to cover Sports Illustrated, Paulina Porizkova looks like a Disney princess with a naughty side. This Czechoslovakian hottie is an 80’s icon, signing to Elite at thirteen. Anyone who watched Paris Is Burning remembers Octavia fawning over Paulina’s poster on her wall, hoping to follow in her footsteps. Going to contest to get scouted.

This banging b*tch went on to supermodel stardom, landing the highest paid contract of any model in the eighties with EstÄ“e Lauder at a cool six million, starred in campaigns for Chanel, Escada, Versace, Dior, Revlon, was a regular on the Calvin Klein runway, has graced covers for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and landed a rockstar husband when video vixen-ing for The Cars. Her role in Drive caught the attention of front man Ric Ocasek and she was just what he needed, until a tumultuous falling out before his passing. The pair have two sons together.

Since her days on the runway this beauty has kept busy with television appearances, judging on America’s Next Top Model, writing books and picking up the pieces of her life post marital woes with grace and class. You’re still gorgeous and we’re rooting for you Paulina. Which photo is your mood? Via: Estee Lauder, Elle Czech, Sports Illustrated, Victor Skrebneski, and Supermodels Of The 90s

Thank You Pose!

Just finished binge watching season two of Pose. PERFECTION! The show is a spinoff of the documentary Paris Is Burning, chronicling the lives of participants in ball culture. Thank you to the exquisite women above for adding merriment, love and color to this world. Trans lives matter. Their voices are necessary and if you don’t agree, it cost zero dollars to mind your business. Taking someone’s life, because you don’t condone their choices is abhorrent. Have you judged or tried to understand? Why or why not? What book, documentary or source has enlightened you to their perspective? Via: Innractions

De-Conditioning: Paris Is Burning

I would like to be a spoiled, rich white girl, they get what they want.
Venus Extravaganza

A two for one special; in honor of The Black Lives Matter Movement and Pride Month, watch Paris Is Burning. A timeless, poignant documentary that chronicles ball culture, which birthed Voguing . The balls were created in reaction to systemic financial disparities between blacks and whites. As Venus from house Extravaganza stated, as implied throughout much of the film, as the world turned, being white is the best way to attain wealth. Screaming black is beautiful, the creation of the black panthers, are reactions of beating ‘white power’ into the world by force. To counter the hate you give, we have movements and mottos and more. White power has resulted in oppression and hate globally, that’s why it’s vile. Via: Cinephile IG