Happy Juneteenth 2023

Gynecology was created by James Marion Sims, by experimenting on black women. He purposely didn’t administer anesthesia, because he felt us inhuman. Black women don’t feel pain. Which is still seen in hospitals today, look how Serena Williams was treated. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tori Bowie’s death was preventable, but no one heard her.

I think of all my ancestors, kidnapped, sold, enslaved, wealth taken from them to make highways, with Robert Moses creating the projects for the displaced people, how they’re wealth was taken when they turned Seneca Village into Central Park, how their fingers burned picking the smallest pieces of cotton off a huge seed for hours in the hot sun, because hateful whites were too weak and lazy to work, how the African American came to be due to the mass rape of African women by white men, who created race so said children wouldn’t inherit their wealth and slavery could continue when they were no longer allowed to bring new slaves from Africa in 1808. How I was treated, even as a divine. Watch 1619 on Hulu, read Caste the origins of our discontent and understand I will show no mercy. Every Uncle Tom, every barbaric white, all aligned with them will suffer in this world and burn eternally in the next. Enjoy your time, anyone who aligned with this is no friend of mine. Y’all gonna learn. Artist: The Crown Act