Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

My dreams are the only place I find peace. After fighting with the demonic, fighting with the Illuminati, not going on vacation, the energy uploads with Mabon, a million different dramas etc…not to mention I have understandable trust issues, which I took a leap of faith on trusting Mick Jagger. He use to be really sweet, then his insecurities turned him into a monster, triggering all this distrust, when the reality is I do a lot for him and tolerate a lot because of him. No matter how great I am our relationship is imbalanced. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. When I ask for the same, since he broke my trust, with simple things, he doesn’t do it, as a way to hold power. If I don’t trust you I’m definitely not going on tour, or anywhere with you. I told him how to fix it and he hasn’t, all he does is complicate my already exhausting life. I don’t want to commit to someone who doesn’t hear me, especially when they owe me their life and reputation.

Our souls use to fix it in my dreams, but for the past month I haven’t seen him there. An actor has been in his place. The dreams aren’t sexual, just emotionally gratifying, romantic, fun, peaceful. It’s like a fairytale! I meet his family and they’re energy is infectious. This as of late is the only time I find true joy. Dreams are potent stuff. Not to mention he’s a sweetheart who tried to mediate our relationship for the world’s sake.

Being happy is important, especially to me. Anything that doesn’t make me happy, I will no longer tolerate. I don’t care who you are, or what’s at stake anymore. Someone who loves you wouldn’t rest until they made it up to you, not cause further distress. All of this not to lose me, except you’ve done exactly that. I cannot live like this, I’m taking back my power. I have two vacation ideas and invaluable lessons learned. Love is give and take, not just take. Actions speak louder than words. I’m putting myself first by any means necessary. Artist: Koketit

It’s Only Everywhere

What I really wanna do is
Turn it into motion
Beauty that I can’t abuse
You know that I’d use my senses to.

Artist: Koketit