Lil Kim Queen Of Iconic Wigs

Being a style icon requires originality, few ever reach that status despite spinning webs of lies. Lil Kim is that, the Queen Bee always serves looks. Her wigs are like Picasso periods, deserving their own post. These are just a few of her hair serves henny. The designer logos dyed in are just another level of legendary. She’s so fucking major, even when she’s keeping it simple with a side swooped bang. Bold, fun, sexy, innovative. Which coif is your favorite? Via: Lil Kim Is Muva & Nostalgic_Eras

Halloween Inspo: Lil Kim

There’s nothing better than a creative costume. The reason I started Halloween Inspo was based off my experience with Ricky’s, buying the slutty expensive costumes that everyone has. Don’t even get me started on shopping late, waiting on a line that extends down the block, for an hour, to pick from scraps. Being sexy, unique and anxiety free is so much better.

Many people have been the Queen Bee, duh Lil Kim is an entire style icon. If she doesn’t have a fashion award give her one asap. The looks I chose are iconic, easy, and fun. The first two involve pasties, the third a tourist shop and a thrift store, the fourth a sex shop for the bondage necklace. Be it album covers, videos, award shows, The Met Gala (her fifth look), being this fashion legend will turn heads henny. Which look is your favorite? Via: LilKimIsMuva & Rose_Gold_Nigga