The Craziest Dream On 12/12 Portal

Thank God I text messaged my dream that night to a friend. I’ve been too busy to look up what it means, but I’ll know by tonight’s end. 12/12 like 11/11 or 10/10 is an energetic gateway, master numbers for manifestation and higher alignment. My dreams haven’t been memorable recently, but this one was stark against the haze, it had shape and weight. It’ also annoying, because Mick Jagger usually deciphers my dreams, finding obvious meaning where I’ve missed it and when I message it to others it’s pointless.

My mother was given an egg, a beautiful light brown one, she brought it into the house to show me, saying look. For some reason we were living in a Louisiana Bayou. I took the egg screaming instantly “It’s cursed.” Grabbing it from her hands I smashed it to the ground, knowing if it were black inside I was correct about the hex, and it was. A black slush of liquid sat in the bottom half of the cracked egg, exploding with smoke when it hit the floor. As the smoke dispersed we saw the liquid mass was an unborn chic. I felt awful, yet mesmerized, who’d ever seen such a thing? Could you curse an egg with life inside? It was meant to be black yolk.

“Wait, wait!” Before my mother has a chance to dump the carnage a small sound comes from the egg, the chic sits up, black muck running down to reveal a pink tan flesh. “It’s alive, but it’s burning up.” The smoke was coming from the chic’s braille skin as if it were on the verge of spontaneous combustion. I ran to the backyard, dumping it into the Bayou water.
It looked back at the house, saved.

I mean, what the fuck was that? I have some ideas, like a curse got reversed and turned into my favorite animal, a duck, but I have to look into the details. What do you surmise? Do you decode your dreams? Artist: Lyla_AB