Make Courage A Habit

At some point growing up I was super shy, which grew into social anxiety the older I got. I never wanted to impose on anyone (also due to low self-worth because of trauma) no matter how small the ask. Epigenetic’s as a black woman played a large role in my not wanting to burden others. As I healed, reflected, introspected I started shedding that need to be small, being more courageous, putting myself out there. Who was going to do it if not me?

Succeeding in this world is not for the meek love. The difference between you getting something you desire and the next person could be you were too spineless to ask, or try. When you attempt/ask there’s a 50 percent chance of succeeding/getting. When you do nothing/remain silent there’s a 100 percent chance of failure/no. You lose more. Do yourself a favor, try one courageous act this week see how it fares (ask that person out, ask for a raise, create a business opportunity, pitch that creative idea…). Get into the habit of doing so every week after, making it a habit you’re use to and not a big event. Artist: Analog By Nat