Happy Birthday Mary Kate & Ashley

When you can actually tell women to get up and work, cause you’ve been talented since birth, but you would never. Due to your intellect you know that’s a sexist, ignorant, idiotic, blanketed statement. Happy belated birthday to the Olsen twins, you’ve taught me so much, you’ve entertained the masses for decades and I’m forever obsessed with you. Literally don’t know what childhood would be without your movies, computer games and television shows. Fucking icons. I can tell them apart by their eyes, Ashley’s are round, while Mary Kate’s are almond shaped. What’s your favorite MK&A production? Via: MK.And.A

Monday Versus Friday

This is the vibe. I’m still working on my second article, but I’m a writer if the words don’t flow I don’t press go. It will definitely be up later tonight as in early morning, or tomorrow before evening. Trust. Enjoy your weekend, with they way American wages aren’t livable and women still aren’t treated equally, the climate destroying our land and people placing profit over people, you deserve it. Unless you’re contributing to the problems at hand. Actually you should enjoy it too, it’s as good as it gets. Time only passes doesn’t it? Via: Love Fool.99

A Mary-Kate & Ashley Production

The type of bitches who teach you how to Charleston then pretend not to know you, they fashion queens now honey. Out of all the entertainment these two gave throughout childhood, that Dance Party Of The Century cd was hands down my favorite. Simply an appreciation post. I still have the booklet for it and realized how much value they contributed to my youth. What was your favorite Mary-Kate and Ashley creation? Via: Olsen Oracle

Parks & Recreations

The friends you smoke with at Peter Pan right after school. The Carl Schurz Park one, not Central. God. Childhood in New York City was sketchy. I look back like damn I was ballsy AF, rolling legit sixty deep with gang members mixed in, nobody f*cked with us. That was only ninth grade lol. What would teenage you be doing tonight? Via: Betch Mood